Arizona Model Aviators

Arizona Model Aviators


We are a Gold Leader Club sanctioned by The Academy of Model Aeronautics. Our purpose is to make model aeronautics a reality for anyone who wishes to fly or build R/C model airplanes. We are committed to the long-term enjoyment of each member through the flexibility of education, the constant devotion of safety, and the continuity of this hobby family.

Vision Statement

Education, understanding, communication, and innovation will bring about the continued success of this club. Our motivation will continue to adhere to traditional values while accepting the technical evolution. Our aim is to serve as liaison between the two.


Arizona Model Aviators is a chartered club (club #1600)  within the AMA, Academy of Model Aeronautics, and are members of the AMA District 10 and the AMA chapter CAMAC (Central Arizona Modelers Advisory Council).    We maintain Gold Leader Club status through the AMA.