Needed Positions

Flight Boss

The flight boss team will be in charge of the flight line including pilot staging, authorizing take-offs, landings and sequencing of aircraft.

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Equip Mgr

The Equipment Manager takes care of generator power, bunkers, PA system and related equipment ensuring a successful and enjoyable event.  The backbone of the festivities.  Click on the button below to volunteer.

Gate Security

Welcome guests to a fun day of food, friends and flying for potential new members and RC enthusiasts.  Gate security also collects the general parking fee for the event.

See details below.

Photos / Video

Use your unique skill of capturing all of the fun and festivities.  Lend us a hand behind the lense.  Click below to volunteer.

Infield Security

Infield security has a backstage pass to all of the fun.  Keeping the infield secure for the benefit of pilots and spectators keeps accidents and mishaps in check.  Get your backstage pass below.

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Reg / Desk

Registering Pilots on site, handing out pilot packs and selling raffle tickets for each of the event raffle days the registration desk is the flow behind the flightline.  Get into the heart of the action.  Sign up for the registration desk below.

Announcers station

Help keep the audience informed of all of the action.  Be the "voice" of Wings Over Arizona.

Club Booth / Flight Simulator

Introduce interested spectators to the joy of model aviation.  Instruct interested spectators on the use of the onsite Real Flight Simulator.